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Laura Grace Bradshaw lost her two great loves, her husband and her teaching career, within a week. Now, she stands on the brink of life with no purpose—until she meets Samantha Smith, a foster child whose shuttered face bears striking resemblance to her late husband. If she can heal this girl’s wounds, she’d count the rest of her life fulfilled.

But Laura Grace has never been a mother.

To dive into the breach and become Samantha’s shield will open her wounded heart to loss—again. Yet, the motherless child and the childless mother have discovered a home in each other’s heart. Laura Grace must risk the tooth marks of the town gossips and her mother-in-law’s machinations to make their bond unbreakable the only possible way she can—adoption. But this choice brings Samantha’s fractured family into focus when they refuse to let the girl go. It will take all of Laura Grace’s determination, kindness, and love to prove to everyone that Samantha truly belongs with her.

Mother's Day is the first of several novels set in Cherry Hill, Georgia.